Incontrol | VOD



“Ambiguous and elliptical, InContol is a speculative poem wherein postmodern identity becomes its own special form of prison.” – SciFi Now

“If the film’s outer frame is an increasingly paranoid sci-fi thriller …, then its beating heart is an escapist character study of a young woman seeking, as all young people do, to be someone else, and – perhaps – finding a way to realise that.” – Sight and Sound

4 university students hook up to a machine allowing them to become one of their fellow students – e.g. allowing them each to party as one of the rich and beautiful. The long hook-ups start seriously affecting their normal selves.

Ratio: 2.35 : 1 Audio: 2 .0
Cast: Sarah Troyer, Anja Savcic, Valerie Planche Director: Kurtis David Harder
Duration: 82mins Lang: English Year: 2017