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Year: 2023                                Running Time: 74 minutes
Language: English                                             Rating: CTC

MEET THE FILMMAKER: Friday December 15, 7.00pm.

Join us for a post-film Q&A with directors Susie Dee and Trudy Hellier and screenwriter Patricia Cornelius.

Over one long night of incarceration in a holding cell, Billy, Bobby and Sam reveal their stories, of a lifetime of violence, of abuse, of institutionalisation, told with unsentimental, sometimes comical, often gut-wrenching insight. They’ve done something terrible, but all they’ve got to do is keep it together, to keep their mouths zipped. Sam has fallen apart and become a liability, while Billy and Bobby spend the night trying to hold tight, keeping them solid, a complete three… but life has finally caught up with them. They’re right, they think, they’ll be fine, they think, no-one will discover they’ve committed a dreadful crime. They will stay together. Because what they fear most is to be separated.

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