Girl Play


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Girl Play is the painfully funny love story raising the complicated question, “What do you do when true love comes and you’re already in “the relationship?” Based on the lives of writers / actors Robin Greenspan and Lacie Harmon, the story begins as Robin, who is essentially married to her girlfriend of a half dozen years and, Lacie, who has never had a relationship lasting past sunrise, are cast to play lesbian lovers in a Los Angeles stage play. Innocently, the flamboyant stage director, Gabriel (Dom Deluise) directs the actresses through a series of rehearsals designed to “ensure intimacy in performance.” But the two women find themselves increasingly and undeniably attracted to each other until finally they are overcome with desire. They must ask themselves whether this relationship is manufactured, created for the sake of the “girl play” or, a “true love” requiring major personal choices and life altering changes.