Dear God NO (VOD)




Dear God NO from Bounty Films on Vimeo.

A throw back to days of drive-in cinema grindhouse, James Bickert’s biker film DEAR GOD NO! is a homage to all things wanton, bloody and brutal. After their bloody tri-state rape and murder spree is put down by a rival club, motorcycle gang The Impalers disappear into the Georgia mountains, seeking refuge in a secluded cabin. But what first seems like a great place to lay low quickly turns into a living nightmare of depravity and violence. A young innocent girl being held captive may hold the key to the twisted secrets locked in the basement and the killing machine feasting on human flesh in the forest outside. Fast-paced and full of enough bloody murders, violent rapes and hilariously disturbing dialog to make even the most jaded gore-hound squeal in terrified glee, DEAR GOD NO! is not to be missed!!!

“Everything from ultimate gross out gore to Nazi science, Nixon strippers, all kinds of gnarly biker violence, deviant S&M, a hick conspiracy nut, and of course Bigfoot are the mismatched ingredients that make up this odd little movie” – Aint it Cool

Official Selection
Arizona Underground Film Festival (2012)
PollyGrind Underground Film Festival of Las Vegas (2011)

Festival and Award Wins.
Festival Prize – Arizona Underground Film Festival (2012)
Favorite Feature, Best Exploitation Film – PollyGrind Underground Film Festival of Las Vegas (2011)

Standard Definition
Ratio: 16×9
Cast: Madeline Brumby, Jett Bryant, Paul McComiskey
Director: James Bickert
Rating: R18+ High impact themes, bloody violence and sexual violence.
Duration: 81
Language: English