Between Love and Goodbye



A modern gay drama about falling in and out of love, and the rocky road in between. Kyle and Marcel fall in love at first sight. Marcel, who is from France, marries his lesbian friend Sarah so he can stay in the US with Kyle. Enter Kyle’s sister, April, a former prostitute who needs a place to crash. Taking a quick dislike to Marcel, April methodically drips poison into their happiness. But where Marcel sees a conniving woman with a not-so-hidden agenda, Kyle only sees his sister in need. The perfect couple falls headlong into possessiveness, jealousy and rage; trapped in the tangled emotions found in that space between love and goodbye. From Casper Andreas, director of The Big Gay Musical, A Four Letter Word and Going Down in LA LA Land and featuring a killer soundtrack from queer band The Inertia Kiss. Between Love and Goodbye is a film not to be missed!