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A group of eleven recruits, composed entirely of excruciating social stereotypes, and one dorky camp instructor, embark on a weekend-long work retreat in the quasi-wilderness of northern south-east Queensland. Everything goes relatively smoothly, that is to say, lamely, until (you guessed it) one of the group turns out to be a homicidal maniac hell-bent on dispatching the others in a variety of creative ways. The only question is, who is the killer? Is it the jock? The goth? The crippled arsehole? Only time, and a suitable bodycount, will tell. Based on the Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel (sic), The Killage is a wacky, fright-filled journey into the darkest recesses of the human intestines.

“All in all, “The Killage” is a hilarious time for those willing to pull back their horror pretensions for the sake of a few ridiculous laughs.” – Blood Brothers Film Reviews

Official Selection:
Crystal Palace International Film Festival (2011)
Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival (2011)

Festival Win and Awards
Best in Festival, Feature Film – Crystal Palace International Film Festival (2011)
Best Trailer – Spooky Movie International Horror Film

Standard Definition
Ratio: 16×9
Audio: 5.1
Cast: Rita Artmann, Dryden Bingham, Joe Bauer
Director: Joe Bauer
Rating: MA 15+ Strong violence and coarse language
Duration: 102
Language: English