Shakedown aka Blue Jean Cop | VOD


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” A rollicking, thrilling and funny police picture that makes “Beverly Hills Cop” and its sequel look as if they were photographed in slow motion.” – Gene Siskel

“Mindlessly enjoyable escapist fare in which a courtroom drama is enlivened by intercutting it with a couple of wholly improbable but spectacular chases in–and above–New York.” – New York Times

“It’s an assembly of sensational moments, strung together by a plot that provides the excuses for amazing stunts, and not much else. But then not much else is needed.” – Roger Ebert.

A legal attorney and renegade cop team up to stop a corrupt cop.
Ratio: 16×9 Audio: 2 .0
Cast: Peter Weller, Sam Elliott, Richard Brooks Director: James Glickenhaus
Duration: 107mins Lang: English Year: 1988