Harlequin | VOD ($3.99)


“Harlequin” is a curious thriller which at times fails to make its point clear but nevertheless remains remarkably engrossing, primarily because of the very good acting by all persons involved.” – Screen Anarchy

“Harlequin is a fascinating if flawed psycho thriller that deserves much more attention than it received” – Starburst

A modern-day politician is faced with an incomprehensible in this mystical-fantasy. Senator Rast is a very powerful man. But his is nothing compared to the extraordinary power of the enigmatic stranger who mysteriously comes to “visit” him. Possessing uncanny magical prowess and miraculous psychic abilities, the peculiar, but seemingly benevolent, visitor quickly gains a spell-binding hold over the senator and his family. But a power-lusting political backer is also vying for control over the up-and-coming senator. And he would kill the influential stranger, without question, for that power. But he and the senator are about to be enlightened.

Ratio: 2.39:1 Audio: 2 .0
Cast: Robert Powell, David Hemmings, Carmen Duncan Director: Simon Wincer
Duration: 95mins Lang: English Year: 1980

Official Selection
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA (1981), Australian Film Institute (1980), Paris Film Festival (1981), Sitges – Catalonian International Film Festival (1980)

Festival Nominations
Best International Film – Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA (1981), Best Director, Best Actress in a Lead Role, Best Achievement in Production Design, Best Achievement in Costume Design, Best Achievement in Editing – Australian Film Institute (1980)

Festival Wins and Awards
Outstanding Film Award – Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA (1981), Best Actor – Paris Film Festival (1981), Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Prize of the International Critics’ Jury – Sitges – Catalonian International Film Festival (1980)