Onus (DVD)



A teenager, Keiran (ANTHONY BOYLE, Harry Potter & The Cursed Child) wakes up near a cliff, injured and unable to remember how he got there. He is chained to Mr Andrews, a teacher from his school (ROBERT RENDER, The Blood Harvest), and there is a gun gaffer-taped to each one’s hand. An unknown person soon sends them shocking instructions of what they must do next, as the horror of the situation unfolds with nail-biting consequences.

As Keiran’s mother (VIVIAN JAMISON, Splash Area) and Mr Andrews’ wife (CAROLINE BURNS COOKE, The Cost of Love) try to unravel the devastating events, they face unexpected twists that will keep viewers guessing the truth to the very end.

Onus (2016) from Bounty Films on Vimeo.

DVD extras:
Behind The Scenes


“A rapid fire roller coaster of twists and turns” – PastieBap.com

“Thought provoking disturbing slice of cinematic thrills” – Impact Online


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