Clara’s Summer


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Like a lesbian Little Darlings this teen melodrama deftly captures the angst of youthful sexual explorations. When Clara and her best friend Zoé head for summer camp, they look forward to adventure and romance. And then Clara meets the beautiful Sonia! Clara hates camp and feels isolated. When Sonia, a beautiful bisexual girl, befriends her, the other campers accuse Clara of being a lesbian. To quell rumors of their romance, Clara decides to sleep with a male counselor, but this only complicates things further. Eventually, Clara succumbs to her attraction to Sonia, who helps Clara learn to express her own sensuality and self-awareness. With all the drama, lust, cruelty and manipulation that are a part of adolescence, Clara’s Summer bravely goes on an unforgettable journey through teenage torment, with the courage and discovery that this tender but confusing age embodies.