Tick Tock Lullaby



A sexy and charming comedy about one of life’s biggest decisions and how the more you have to think about it, the harder it is. Sasha, a cartoonist, wishes that she could get pregnant by mistake with her girlfriend, Maya. Having to be so rational about it is putting her off. Over endless cups of coffee and copies of the Guardian, Sasha and girlfriend Maya discuss possible ways to conceive. But no amount of planning will get them pregnant unless they take some action. Presuming that straight people have it easier, Sasha creates two heterosexual scenarios in cartoon form in order to further investigate procreation and work out her issues. As she draws more, the fiction begins to influence Sasha’s experiences – or perhaps Sasha is making her anxieties rub off on her characters.. Sharply witty and admirably honest, Tick Tock Lullaby is a wry British comedy feature about one of life’s biggest decisions.