Mad House | VOD



“..tragic, gritty and horiffic” – Geek Legion of Doom
“…manages to breathe life into a genre that’s been on its last death rattle for some time.” – FilmInk
“…uncomfortable filmmaking, and well recommended” – Bloody Flicks

A successful businessman, with a wife and daughter, has his happy home life destroyed, when three junkies hold his family hostage and use his personal information against him.

Ratio: 16×9 Audio: 2 .0
CastL Matt Hastings, Dearbler Hannigan, Taquila Rathbone Director: Ross Perkins
Duration: 82mins Lang: English Year: 2019

Official Selection
San Diago Mobilfilm Festival (2019)
SF3 Film Festival (2019)
Cult Classic Film Festival (2019)

Festival Wins and Awards
Best Film – San Diago Mobilfilm Festival (2019)
Best Film, Best Director – Global Moblie Film Awards (2019)