Love in Thoughts


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Does it really exist, the poetic soul of life? Guenther and Paul are convinced that it does: they want to live – to the limit and with no compromises – and they expect the same of love. Together with Guenther’s sister Hilde they spend the weekend at a summer house in the country. Paul is fascinated by Hilde and falls in love with her. And at first it seems as though she feels the same about him, but Hilde has a cold heart and a roving eye. She is secretly dating Hans – Guenther’s former lover. With a large group of friends, they have a drunken, bohemian party in the picturesque garden of their country retreat. When Hans turns up unexpectedly, he sets in motion a roller coaster of emotions that soon rages out of control. Drunk on absinthe, music and their lust for life, the four young people are caught in a deadly maelstrom.