Colin (VOD)




Colin from Bounty Films on Vimeo.

Already a worldwide phenomenon with huge media coverage, Colin is the £45 zombie movie! Told from the zombie s perspective, it is a film truly like no other! Our hero Colin is bitten by a zombie; he dies and returns from the dead. We follow him as he wanders through suburbia during the throes of a cadaverous apocalypse. Through his encounters with objects, places and people, we learn who Colin was and more pertinently, what he has now become. Including a broad daylight zombie versus human street battle, an epic housebound siege and bags of gore, Colin is the must-see zombie phenomenon of the year!

“Colin is a phenomenal achievement, with terrific special effects and some nice ideas.” – View London

Official Selection
British Independent Film Awards (2009)

Festival Nominations
Raindance Award – British Independent Film Awards (2009)

Standard Definition
Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Cast: Alastair Kirton
Director: Marc Price
Rating: MA 15+ Horror violence, blood and gore
Duration: 93
Language: English