Claire of the Moon



Blonde, brash and beautiful, Claire Jabrowski attracts men easily and takes her own sexuality for granted. But at a writers” conference, she shares a cabin with Dr Noel Benedict, a lesbian who questions Claire”s promiscuous lifestyle. Challenged and disturbed by Noel, Claire can”t accept her ideas, but finds, to her great surprise, that she feels an attraction to her. As the two debate back and forth, Noel also falls under Claire”s charms, but she is wary, having recently suffered a disastrous breakup. As each faces her fears, an intricate – and sensual – “dance” takes place between them, as they move apart, then come closer and closer… Set in the lush Pacific Northwest, Claire of the Moon tells a timeless, story of a woman”s struggle as she awakens to new possibilities for love and intimacy.