The Wolf’s Mouth



A man returns home after a long absence. He gets off the train in a grey port city. He crosses the town in search of places of times gone by, now in decline, straining to uphold their former ancient glory. In a modest apartment in the Ghetto of the old quarter, waiting for him for years is a cold dinner and his life companion. Mary and Enzo have been waiting and wanting each other since they first met behind bars, when they sent each other silent messages, recorded on hidden tapes. Their dream is a small house in the countryside overlooking the city and the sea, far from the pressures of present times, suspended in another time of never ending happiness. Now and again they divide their furtive destiny with their companions in the labyrinth of Croce Bianca, via Pré, Sottoripa… ancient names in a place untouched by modern age where the twentieth century has run aground like a ship without an anchor.