The Jungle



Big cat expert Larry Black (Rupert Reid) and his brother Ben head out on an expedition into the Indonesian wilds, trying to find and document the rare and endangered Javan Leopard. The deeper into the jungle they get, the more nervous their Indonesian guides become, as local rumours spin horrific tales of black magic and of a werewolf-like creature that will kill any invader into it’s territory. Determined to fulfil his conservationist mission, Larry laughs off the warnings as superstitious nonsense and harries the expedition even deeper into the rainforest. But it’s not long before even he begins to realise that a deadly, unseen predator is slowly stalking them.To some, nature means peace and tranquillity, to Andrew Traucki (The Reef, Black Water) it means big teeth, sharp claws and your guts in a puddle by your feet! The third instalment of Traucki’s ‘Trilogy of Terror’ THE JUNGLE is a must-see for lovers of bio-horror!