Same Sex Parents



How does an insecure teenager become more self-assertive? That’s the challenge for Olympia, a young girl stigmatised for being different. Same Sex Parents begins with Olympia and her classmate Leo enjoying their first romantic encounter at a weekend dance. Back at school, Geraldine, a jealous rival, publicly outs Olympia’s mother. Olympia is shocked as her mother has never admitted to being a lesbian. Olympia confronts her mother but Martine is dismissive; it never seems the right time to speak about such matters with her daughter. Sensing deception and fed up with “issues” surrounding her mother’s sexuality, Olympia turns to her gay father who lives in Paris. She returns home to find her mother making love to another woman. Her mother’s indiscretion, her tenuous situation at school and her troubled relationship with Leo all drive Olympia to desperate measures.