Relax… it’s Just Sex



Beginning with a funny mock commercial of 1950’s B&W educational films (that insist “One must not be scared of homosexuals), Relax…It’s Just Sex! skewers sexual stereotypes, game-playing and relationships with a savage wit and a keen eye..

A close knit group of poly-sexual, multiracial West Hollywood friends include: Tara, who is desperate to have a turkey-baster child; her friend Vincey, a lovelorn gay playwright; Robin, who pines for the voluptuous Sarina, who in turn is ending a long-term relationship with Megan. Add in hook-ups and break-ups with a hilarious cast of bit players and you’ve got quite a stew brewing. As love, lust and controversy swirl around this playful bunch, you won’t be able to help but fall in love with this great group friends.