David Strassman – The Live Collection (6 Disc DVD Set)



LIVE: David Strassman is the man who became the first ventriloquist for 30 years to have his own solo show in the West End of London.

LIVE VOLUME 2: THE CHUCK YOU TOUR: Join David Strassman and his dysfunctional family of puppets as they take you on a journey to the dark corners of Strassman’s twisted, evil and caustic mind.

LIVE VOLUME 3: GET CHUCK’D TOUR: The Get Chuck’d Tour picks up where the Chuck You tour left off with some big surprises and a brand new twist. It takes the concept of multiple personalities into a whole new psychological and hysterical dimension.

LIVE VOLUME 4: TED E’s FARWELL: The much adored Ted E. Bare has announced his showbiz retirement and, in this side-splitting comedy, we find out why. With hilarious new routines from a menagerie of puppet freaks and wanna-be replacements, this dark and edgy show will leave fans in stitches.

LIVE VOLUME 5: CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR: Strassman brings his iconic characters Chuck Wood, Ted E. Bare, Grandpa Fred and more to the stage once more; guaranteeing to have any audiences in stitches.

LIVE VOLUME 6: iTED E: iTedE uproariously parodies our technologies-laden lives. The sharp-tongued Chuck Wood and loveable Ted E. Bare are constantly on their devices. With everyone connected to social media and the internet 24/7, will Strassman get them back under control?

Available from Nov 25, 2022

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