At War with the Army (1950) (DVD)


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When former business partners Vic Puccinelli (Dean Martin) and Alvin Korwin (Jerry Lewis) enlist in the U.S. Army, they have different ambitions. Puccinelli, who has made the rank of sergeant, wants to see action rather than the drudgery of his current post. On the other hand, Korwin, who is a klutz, wants to stay out of combat and near his family in the United States. However, they both have to deal with stern Sgt. McVey (Mike Kellin) while also preparing for an Army variety show.

At War With the Army – Trailer from Bounty Films on Vimeo.

Aspect Ratio:  1.37 : 1
Audio:  2.0
Black and White
Cast:   Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Mike Kellin
Director:    Hal Walker
Rating: PG
Duration:  93 min
Language: English