“Forget every horror film you ever saw.
MERCY is the most frightening movie you will ever see.

Frightening because it makes us truly look at the horror we try to avoid seeing every day.
Most frightening of all because it speaks the truth we need to hear.
I defy anyone to watch this film all the way through and not be forever changed.”
Sir Brian May, CBE


In her hidden world, those who Mercy encounters, on her journey from factory farm to slaughterhouse, are changed forever. The effect of Mercy’s world on ours, puts us on collision course with ecological destruction and further global pandemics. Empathising with all on Mercy’s journey, a warning siren sounds on our uncertain times, calling urgently for universal change.

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Cast: Mark Wingett, Maria Austin, Annette Badland, Catherine Shipton, Wendy Morgan
Director: Wendy Morgan
Genre: Drama
Duration: 82mins
Language: English
Year: 2023
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