It’s BIG… it’s FAT… it’s CHEESY… and it’s 20!

Pauly Fenech’s big, cheesy and outrageous cult classic is now old enough enough to drive and drink (not necessarily in that order!), and to celebrate, we’ve released a BIG, FAT and fully SICK 3-disc 20th Anniversary Blu-ray edition!!!


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Fat Pizza: As Bobo Gigliotti (Johnny Boxer), an aging, virginal pizza chef, impatiently awaits the arrival of his Southeast Asian mail-order bride, his hapless employees turn to juvenile antics to propel themselves through the doldrums of wage slavery in Sydney. But, when the grand opening of rival pie-peddler Phat Pizza threatens to run Gigliotti’s already dysfunctional restaurant into the ground, the desperate chef must struggle to prove he’s the “big cheese.”

Fat Pizza vs. Housos: When a pizza chef is released from prison after fifteen years the only shop he can afford is in a housing commission suburb. Cult TV classics collide in this riotous tale.

Disc 1:
Fat Pizza (feature film)
Extras: Deleted Scenes, Uncut Scenes, Interviews, Music Videos, Illegal Burnouts, Trailers.
Pizza (TV show): Best Of (8 remastered episodes), Pizza: Season Five (8 episodes).

Disc 2:
Fat Pizza: Uncensored Vol 1, Fat Pizza: Uncensored Vol 2, Pauly’s Shorts (including the Tropfest short film that started it all, Pizza Man), Pizza World Records, The Da Vinci Cup, Fully Paranormal.

Disc 3:
Fat Pizza vs. Housos (feature film)
Extras: Feature Length commentary with Frankie, Big Kev and the FPvH crew, The Tunnel Shot – Behind the Scenes, Deleted and alternative scenes, music videos, blooper reel.

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