The Tongue of the Sun | VOD



“The Tongue of the Sun is a film that, far from trivializing or wears out the sexuality and eroticism of its history, uses them to represent the most elementary elements of the human being, obtaining a story that, although not completely perfect, touches very sensitive fibers and that must be a mandatory stop for all sensitive souls during these times of confinement.” – Bogart Magazine

Our world is coming to an end, Emilia and Ramiro go into lockdown and use their last hours to unleash their eroticism and fulful all their sexual fantasies in hopes of conceiving a child on the exact second it all ends.

Ratio: 1.85:1 Audio: 5.1
Cast: Flavia Atencio, Raúl Méndez, José María Negri Director: José Luis Gutiérrez Arias
Duration: 84mins Lang: Spanish Subtitles: English Year: 2020