The Angel In the Clock | VOD



“More than a reflection on childhood cancer, [The Angel in the Clock] brings us closer to the semantics of time and appears as a kind lesson for adults and children about the value of the here and now. ” – Cinemanía

An ill girl wishes to stop time. This wish will lead her to a transitional adventure of self discovery and undertanding about life, death and relativity.

Ratio: 1.85 : 1 Audio: 5.1
Cast: Leonardo de Lozanne, Erick Elias, Laura Flores Director: Miguel Ángel Uriegas
Duration: 91mins Lang: English

Official Selection: Ariel Awards, Mexico (2019), Cinekid (2015)
Festival Nominations: Best Feature Length Animated Film – Ariel Awards, Mexico (2019)
Festival Wins and Awards: Best Project for Kids – Cinekid (2015) N/A 2018